DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE (Psychological Thriller)

A terrifying story about a radio talk-show psychologist whose patients become stalked and brutally murdered by a regular, deeply troubled caller.
James Westmoreland
Flo Gerrish
Ben Frank

DOUBLE EXPOSURE (Psychological Thriller)

A successful photographer is beset by recurring dreams in which he sees himself murdering beautiful women - some who have even posed for him - only to awake and discover the dreams have                               become realities.
Michael Callan
Joanna Pettet
James Stacy
Cleavon Little

HOT TARGET (Romantic Thriller)

An erotic suspense tale about a beautiful, wealthy woman who, tortured by hidden desires, becomes entangled in an impassioned - and deadly - affair.
Simone Griffeth
Steve Marachuk


A taut, political story about corruption and deceipt in the nation's capital.
William Shatner
Hal Holbrook
Van Johnson
Ava Gardner

LOW BLOW (Action/Thriller)

Set against the seamy underworld of San Francisco, this tense story is about a wealthy businessman who hires an ex-cop to rescue his daughter from the clutches of an evil cult figure.
Troy Donahue
Leo Fong
Cameron Mitchell
Stack Pierce

LURKERS (Supernatural Thriller)

A psychological story about a beautiful, young New York cellist, whose demonic childhood nightmares have returned, plunging her into a horrific series of events that threaten her success, her                                   sanity...and her life.
Christine Moorer
Gary Warner

PRIME EVIL (Drama/Thriller)

Set in present day New York City, this supernatural thriller follows the lives of a sect of monks, which - through human sacrifice for the Devil - has achieved immortality and is still wreaking havoc                             today.
William Beckwith
Christine Moore

SCORPION (Adventure/Thriller)

Tulleners, a world-class karate expert, stars as top Defense Intellegence Agent "Scorpion," assigned to protect a government informant. Despite his efforts the informant is killed, along with one                       of Scorpion's friends, and an action-packed deadly game of                                 revenge ensues.
Tony Tulleers
Don Murray
Robert Logan
Katheryn Daley
John Anderson

SILENCER, THE (Erotic Thriller)

A peek into the world of a professional hit-woman, exposing her power, her fantasies and her search for peace in a world of madness and murder!
Lynette Walden
Chris Mulkey
Paul Ganus
Morton Downey, Jr.

TERROR IN THE JUNGLE (Adventure/Thriller)

Trapped in the jungles of the Amazon, a young boy - the sole survivor of a plane crash - is captured by prehistoric Jivaro Indians and forced to endure horrifying ordeals, while the rescue team out                         to save him also experiences similar hardships.
Robert Burns
Fawn Silver
Jimmy Angle


In a land staked out by the devil, a man battles impossible odds to save a woman who's sworn to see him hang!
William Thourlby
Melora Conway
Owen Pavitt

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