CARNIVAL OF CRIME (Suspense Drama)

A four-alarm murder mystery, this nerve-tingling story is about a dashing, prominent builder in Brazil who is mistakenly accused of killing his wife, but because of it learns the truth about the woman                         he thought he knew.
Jean-Pierre Aumont
Alix Talton


An idyllic mountain village resort is disrupted by a prehistoric creature that, misplaced in time and struggling for its existence, terrifies tourists and residents alike.
Richard Cardella
Glenn Roberts

DEATH MACHINES (Futuristic Drama/Suspense)

An unnerving tale of a type of assassin long known in the Orient, a "Death Machine." Deadly, quiet and invincible, these killers are hired and trained by a worldwide organization to murder on                                 command.
Ron Marchini
Michael Chong

FLESHBURN (Action-Suspense/Drama)

An American Indian Vietnam veteran breaks out of a mental institution and, using his tribal witchcraft, seeks revenge against the four psychiatrists who locked him up for insanity rather than                                 sending him to prison on murder charges.
Steve Kanaly
Sonny Landham
Karen Carlson


A shocking tale of terror about a six-year-old boy, whose incurable curiosity lands him in a locked moving van with a psychotic killer and his weakling cohort. When the boy stumbles                           onto their grisly secret, his life is in immediate danger.
Harry Dean Stanton
Don O'Kelly
John Carradine


Filled with action, this dramatic story is about a group of fanatics on the island of Mandoras who - in their attempts to eliminate all threats to their diabolical plot to conquer the world - kidnap a                               famous American neurobiologist, triggering a rescue search that                           blows their plan to bits.
Walter Stocker
Audrey Caire
Carlos Rivas

POINT OF TERROR (Drama/Suspense)

A nerve-shattering story about overweening ambition, with its intrigue, greed, sex, violence, lust and ultimate retribution.
Peter Carpenter
Dyanne Thorne


A former detective accepts a job as a photographer for a scandal magazine Secret File: Hollywood and finds himself in the middle of a blackmail scheme, a suicide investigation and a frantic fight to                         stave off a murder...his!
Robert Clarke
Francine York
Syd Mason
Maralou Gray

SPECIALIST, THE (Drama/Suspense)

A beautiful woman, whose distinct talent is seducing men, is planted on a jury by a wealthy, old-fashioned, influential man to help him intimidate the opposing attorney and beat the prosecution.
Adam West
John Anderson

STAKEOUT (Action/Suspense)

A dramatic, exciting story about an ex-convict who finds his attempts to live a good, honest life thwarted by suspicious, mean-hearted folks, whose betrayal of him leads him back to lies,                                   schemes and trouble...and ultimately, death.
Bing Russell
Bill Hale


A college psychology student, intent on writing a term paper on how much terror the human mind can endure, learns his answers first-hand as he finds himself the target of a mysterious, hooded                             killer.
Rod Lauren
Steve Drexel
Tracy Olsen

TERROR (Suspense/Drama)

A horror-filled study of supernatural forces and their powers, this tense drama is about a strange creature that has sworn revenge for its death on a young British heir and his close friends.
John Nolan
Carolyn Courage


A chilling experience in terror as a group of female students and their pretty teacher are ambushed, while on a field trip, by a sadistic killer and his brother, forcing the women to learn a lesson                         in survival.
Zalman King
Brenda Fogarty

WILD RIDERS (Action/Suspense)

Driven only by the urge to destroy, two desperate bikers bring some innocent and unsuspecting women into their circle of violence and despair.
Alex Rocco
Elizabeth Knowles
Sherry Bain

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