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An ex-Navy S.E.A.L. overcomes his bitterness about the Vietnam war in order to save the U.S. from a group of terrorists who are smuggling nuclear weapons out of the country by way of an                                   elaborate underwater spy ring.
Leslie Nielsen
Gregg Henry
Simone Griffeth
Michael J. Pollard
Stack Pierce

PICK-UP (Drama)

An off-beat story about two young women whose lives are forever changed when they hitchhike a ride in a mobile home.
Jill Senter
Alan Long
Gini Eastwood

PINK ANGELS, THE (Comedy/Satire)

In this zany spoof on motorcycle films, a group of dare-devils on wheels wreak havoc around Los Angeles.
John Alderman
Tom Basham

POINT OF TERROR (Drama/Suspense)

A nerve-shattering story about overweening ambition, with its intrigue, greed, sex, violence, lust and ultimate retribution.
Peter Carpenter
Dyanne Thorne

POLICEWOMEN (Action/Drama)

A beautiful, tough policewoman gets a dangerous assignment to break up a mob of womEn criminals.
Sondra Currie
Tony Young


A fast-paced story about a group of high-school seniors who indulge in some final wild flings before having to settle down into a more adult lifestyle.
Robert Carradine
Jennifer Ashley

PRIME EVIL (Drama/Thriller)

Set in present day New York City, this supernatural thriller follows the lives of a sect of monks, which - through human sacrifice for the Devil - has achieved immortality and is still wreaking havoc                             today.
William Beckwith
Christine Moore


The biggest country music jamboree ever filmed, this musical adventure is the story of a Hollywood production company shooting a country music film in Nashville. Though an inept                                   assistant is left to hire the talent, mistakes are survived and a show                       featuring 60 great stars singing 38 smash hits is produced!
Marty Robbins
Johhn Cash
Waylon Jennings
Porter Wagoner

SANTEE (Western)

A bold, powerful, yet decidedly off-beat story about a dedicated bounty hunter - half lawman, half desperado - whose main mission in life centers on tracking down outlaws with high prices on their                           heads.
Glenn Ford
Michael Burns
Danny Wynter
Jay Silverheels


On her way to a relaxing vacation at her uncle's isolated country mansion, a young woman is instead tortured and terrorized by her uncle and cousin, who - unbeknownst to her - are disciples of                             Satan!
Michael Gough
Barbara Kellermann
Martin Potter

SCORPION (Adventure/Thriller)

Tulleners, a world-class karate expert, stars as top Defense Intellegence Agent "Scorpion," assigned to protect a government informant. Despite his efforts the informant is killed, along with one                       of Scorpion's friends, and an action-packed deadly game of                                 revenge ensues.
Tony Tulleers
Don Murray
Robert Logan
Katheryn Daley
John Anderson


A former detective accepts a job as a photographer for a scandal magazine Secret File: Hollywood and finds himself in the middle of a blackmail scheme, a suicide investigation and a frantic fight to                         stave off a murder...his!
Robert Clarke
Francine York
Syd Mason
Maralou Gray


Restless and discontent, an upper/middle-class couple splits up after each has had an affair. But the time apart isn't so wonderful and they each gain a new perspective on themselves, their marriage                       and love.
Karen Black
Tony Lo Bianco
David Naughton
William Windom


A shockingly frank story of illict love and murder, this tense tale is about a confident, successful young man who's lured into a life of violence by his seductive ex-girlfriend.
Jonathan Kidd
Lyn Stratten
John Harmon

SEXTETTE (Musical/Comedy)

Based on Mae West's Broadway stage hit, this is the story of an American sex symbol, whose wedding night (to her 6th husband) becomes a comedy of errors with the intrusion of the bride's                                 former spouses.
Mae West
Timothy Dalton
Ringo Starr
George Hamilton
Dom DeLuise
Tony Curtis


A thrilling, suspenseful story about the exciting sport of Sidehacking and the gutsy, dangerous rides the racers of the three-wheel vehicles take to impress their women and themselves!
Ross Hagen
Diane McBain
Hoke Howell

SILENCER, THE (Erotic Thriller)

A peek into the world of a professional hit-woman, exposing her power, her fantasies and her search for peace in a world of madness and murder!
Lynette Walden
Chris Mulkey
Paul Ganus
Morton Downey, Jr.


In her last screen performance, famed sex symbol Jayne Mansfield stars in this story of a woman's change from an innocent teenager to an embittered, disillusioned prostitute and the life tragedies                               which brought about the unfortunate transformation.
Jayne Mansfield
Fabian Dean
Dorothy Keller


A punchy story about the sexual entanglements of four people and how their moral conflicts lead to heartache and destruction.
John Savage
Anne Saxon

SKYDIVERS, THE (Adventure)

With the daredevil sport of skydiving as the backdrop, this action-packed story is about a young couple whose livelihood, happiness and very existence is threatened by a sexy girl who wants the guy                         for herself!
Kevin Casey
Eric Tomlin
Marcia Knight
Tony Cardoza

SPECIALIST, THE (Drama/Suspense)

A beautiful woman, whose distinct talent is seducing men, is planted on a jury by a wealthy, old-fashioned, influential man to help him intimidate the opposing attorney and beat the prosecution.
Adam West
John Anderson

STAKEOUT (Action/Suspense)

A dramatic, exciting story about an ex-convict who finds his attempts to live a good, honest life thwarted by suspicious, mean-hearted folks, whose betrayal of him leads him back to lies,                           schemes and trouble...and ultimately, death.
Bing Russell
Bill Hale

STANLEY (Adventure)

Sizzling with suspense and action, this dramatic story is about an embittered Vietnam vetran who retreats from society into the Florida Everglades and becomes inseparable companions with a                           pet rattlesnake...a pet he teaches to kill on command!
Chris Robinson
Alex Rocco


This emotional sex melodrama is about a high-living architect who - as a result of his violent temper - finds himself enmeshed in two accidental deaths. When he discovers his 2nd wife having an affair                       with his teenage son...there's almost a third murder!
Alejandro Rey
Katherine Justice
John Anderson

SUPERCHICK (Action/Comedy)

Blonde...Buxom...Bold...that's what demure, brunette airline stewardess Tara becomes every time she gets off the plane, meeting a different lover in each lay-over!
Joyce Jillson
Tony Young
John Carradine

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