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HEARSE, THE (Psycho-Drama)

A chilling psychological tale about a young schoolteacher who - having recently endured personal hardships - begins to question her sanity when she repeatedly encounters a mysterious hearse.
Trish Van Devere
Joseph Cotten
Perry Lang

HELL ON WHEELS (Action/Drama)

High action, great music - a thrilling one-two punch in this dramatic story about two brothers who survive the perils of stock car racing, a kidnapping and an intense sibling rivalry to become loving                                   brothers and a racing success!
Marty Robbins
Gigi Perreau
John Ashley
Connie Smith


Viciousness, brutality, excitement, honesty and love are all a part of this fast-paced, action-packed film about female motorcycle gangs...the first of it's kind.
Ross Hagen
Dee Duffy


A shock-filled tale of a serious and shy but brilliant science student, who, when wrongfully forced to consume a new drug he'd created, becomes a modern day Jeckyl and Hyde, allowing his pent-up                             rage to finally explode in a thoroughly terrifying way.
Pat Cardi
Rosie Holotik

HOSTAGE, THE (Suspense)

A shocking tale of terror about a six-year-old boy, whose incurable curiosity lands him in a locked moving van with a psychotic killer and his weakling cohort. When the boy stumbles                           onto their grisly secret, his life is in immediate danger.
Harry Dean Stanton
Don O'Kelly
John Carradine

HOT TARGET (Romantic Thriller)

An erotic suspense tale about a beautiful, wealthy woman who, tortured by hidden desires, becomes entangled in an impassioned - and deadly - affair.
Simone Griffeth
Steve Marachuk


A fresh look at a man's dreams of life, liberty and the pursuit of ....SEX! An unhappy husband murders his miserable wife but finds even death doesn't rid him of her; now she's haunting him and                               making his life on earth a living hell!
Gregg Bullock
Lisa Comshaw

HUNK (Comedy)

A "devilish" tale about an ordinary guy who is visited by a beautiful apparition promising him popularity and drop-dead good looks in exchange for his soul. Transformed overnight into a "hunk," he                               soon discovers there may be hell to pay for his new lifestyle!
John Allen Nelson
Deborah Shelton
James Coco
Robert Morse
Avery Schreiber

HUSTLER SQUAD (Action/Drama)

An unlikely group of freedom fighters - professional prostitutes - are recruited by the U.S. Army to perform a dangerous, quite unorthodox military mission.
John Ericson
Karen Ericson


A heart-warming story about an Indian boy who raises a wild colt, becoming extraordinarily close to the animal. When - in the course of their many perilous adventures - the boy and the colt become                           seperated from the tribe, months pass before they return to the                             home campfires, forcing the boy to learn valuable lessons of                                 survival, love and life.
Johnny Crawford
Jay Silverheels
Robert Crawford, Jr.


A war patrol - in the middle of a special assignment - encounters a military ambulance known as the "Iron Angel". The two units join forces and, amidst flying bullets and a treacherous terrain, battle the                       enemy and the elements together to accomplish their mission.
Jim Davis
Don Barry

JOCKS (Comedy/Adventure)

When an odd-ball tennis team of a Los Angeles college sets out on a road trip to a regional college tennis tournament in fun-filled Las Vegas, all the stops are out and literally "anything goes" both on                           and off the court.
Scott Strader
Perry Lang
Mariska Hargitay
Richard Roundtree
Christopher Lee


A taut, political story about corruption and deceipt in the nation's capital.
William Shatner
Hal Holbrook
Van Johnson
Ava Gardner

KILLPOINT (Action/Drama)

A high-paced crime story about a new breed of criminals, famous because they murder everyone at the scene of their crimes - with stolen automatic weapons!
Leo Fong
Richard Roundtree
Cameron Mitchell
Stack Pierce

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