An explosive story about a torrid affair between a prominent attorney and his seductive babysitter which threatens to destroy both his career and his marriage.
Patricia Wymer
George E. Carey
Ann Bellamy


Two young couples taste the "free and easy" life on a cross country motor-home tour until love backfires and tragedy follows.
Richard Hatch
Susanne Benton

BLOOD MANIA (Horror/Drama)

A nightmare of unspeakable terror, this Gothic-like horror tale is about a young doctor who's haunted by a questionable past and entrapped in a hopeless present by jealousy, blackmail and finally,                           murder!
Peter Carpenter
Maria de Aragon

CARNIVAL OF CRIME (Suspense Drama)

A four-alarm murder mystery, this nerve-tingling story is about a dashing, prominent builder in Brazil who is mistakenly accused of killing his wife, but because of it learns the truth about the woman                         he thought he knew.
Jean-Pierre Aumont
Alix Talton


A shocking brutal story of two convicts, whose escape starts a trail of violence, rape and murder and whose women will forever feel the touch of their unleashed primative cravings.
Michael Stearns
Barbara Mills
Linda York


Two sisters, growing up in a middle-class home with parents too preoccupied with booze and sex, find that being "grown up" doesn't mean acting like their folks, as experiments with drugs and                         sex teach them.
Debbie Osborne
Nancy Ison

COACH (Action/Drama)

A young, blonde and beautiful woman is hired to coach a team of underachieving basketball players and against all odds, leads them to victory.
Cathy Lee Crosby
Michael Biehn
Keenan Wynn
Ted Dawson

DEATH MACHINES (Futuristic Drama/Suspense)

An unnerving tale of a type of assassin long known in the Orient, a "Death Machine." Deadly, quiet and invincible, these killers are hired and trained by a worldwide organization to murder on                                 command.
Ron Marchini
Michael Chong

FLESHBURN (Action-Suspense/Drama)

An American Indian Vietnam veteran breaks out of a mental institution and, using his tribal witchcraft, seeks revenge against the four psychiatrists who locked him up for insanity rather than                                 sending him to prison on murder charges.
Steve Kanaly
Sonny Landham
Karen Carlson


Upon her father's death, a young woman heads for New Orleans to find her future...and discovers her past in famed Storyville at the turn of the century
Bruce Davidson
Virginia Mayo


A chilling psychological tale about a young schoolteacher who - having recently endured personal hardships - begins to question her sanity when she repeatedly encounters a mysterious hearse.
Trish Van Devere
Joseph Cotten
Perry Lang

HELL ON WHEELS (Action/Drama)

High action, great music - a thrilling one-two punch in this dramatic story about two brothers who survive the perils of stock car racing, a kidnapping and an intense sibling rivalry to become loving                                   brothers and a racing success!
Marty Robbins
Gigi Perreau
John Ashley
Connie Smith

HUSTLER SQUAD (Action/Drama)

An unlikely group of freedom fighters - professional prostitutes - are recruited by the U.S. Army to perform a dangerous, quite unorthodox military mission.
John Ericson
Karen Ericson


A heart-warming story about an Indian boy who raises a wild colt, becoming extraordinarily close to the animal. When - in the course of their many perilous adventures - the boy and the colt become                           seperated from the tribe, months pass before they return to the                             home campfires, forcing the boy to learn valuable lessons of                                 survival, love and life.
Johnny Crawford
Jay Silverheels
Robert Crawford, Jr.

KILLPOINT (Action/Drama)

A high-paced crime story about a new breed of criminals, famous because they murder everyone at the scene of their crimes - with stolen automatic weapons!
Leo Fong
Richard Roundtree
Cameron Mitchell
Stack Pierce


Based on a true story, this action-packed, hard-hitting depiction of the infamous Ashley gang - who terrorized the southeast in the 1920's - also illustrates a desperate love between two people                               destined for destruction.
Karen Black
Fabian Forte


A racy, high-paced story about a beautiful high-school senior, whose personal problems get her involved over her head with sex and criminal elements.
Jill Lansing
Katie Johnson
Stuart Taylor

NIGHT CLUB (Erotic Psycho-Drama)

A man risks everything for a dream, until the dream becomes an obsession and the obsession...madness!
Nicholas Hoppe
Elizabeth Kaitan

NOON SUNDAY (Adventure/Drama)

The first feature film made on the island of Guam, this is an explosive, suspense-filled story about a couple of mercenaries assigned to assassinate two guerrilla leaders on the island.
Mark Lenard
John Russell
Linda Avery
Keye Luke


An off-beat story about two young women whose lives are forever changed when they hitchhike a ride in a mobile home.
Jill Senter
Alan Long
Gini Eastwood

POINT OF TERROR (Drama/Suspense)

A nerve-shattering story about overweening ambition, with its intrigue, greed, sex, violence, lust and ultimate retribution.
Peter Carpenter
Dyanne Thorne

POLICEWOMEN (Action/Drama)

A beautiful, tough policewoman gets a dangerous assignment to break up a mob of women criminals.
Sondra Currie
Tony Young


Set in present day New York City, this supernatural thriller follows the lives of a sect of monks, which - through human sacrifice for the Devil - has achieved immortality and is still wreaking havoc                             today.
William Beckwith
Christine Moore


A former detective accepts a job as a photographer for a scandal magazine Secret File: Hollywood and finds himself in the middle of a blackmail scheme, a suicide investigation and a frantic fight to                         stave off a murder...his!
Robert Clarke
Francine York
Syd Mason
Maralou Gray


Restless and discontent, an upper/middle-class couple splits up after each has had an affair. But the time apart isn't so wonderful and they each gain a new perspective on themselves, their marriage                       and love.
Karen Black
Tony Lo Bianco
David Naughton
William Windom


A shockingly frank story of illict love and murder, this tense tale is about a confident, successful young man who's lured into a life of violence by his seductive ex-girlfriend.
Jonathan Kidd
Lyn Stratten
John Harmon


In her last screen performance, famed sex symbol Jayne Mansfield stars in this story of a woman's change from an innocent teenager to an embittered, disillusioned prostitute and the life tragedies                               which brought about the unfortunate transformation.
Jayne Mansfield
Fabian Dean
Dorothy Keller


A punchy story about the sexual entanglements of four people and how their moral conflicts lead to heartache and destruction.
John Savage
Anne Saxon

SPECIALIST, THE (Drama/Suspense)

A beautiful woman, whose distinct talent is seducing men, is planted on a jury by a wealthy, old-fashioned, influential man to help him intimidate the opposing attorney and beat the prosecution.
Adam West
John Anderson


This emotional sex melodrama is about a high-living architect who - as a result of his violent temper - finds himself enmeshed in two accidental deaths. When he discovers his 2nd wife having an affair                       with his teenage son...there's almost a third murder!
Alejandro Rey
Katherine Justice
John Anderson


An explosively tense story about a beautiful, provocative 28-year-old high school teacher whose seduction of one particular student proves fatal.
Angel Tompkins
Jay North

TERROR (Suspense/Drama)

A horror-filled study of supernatural forces and their powers, this tense drama is about a strange creature that has sworn revenge for its death on a young British heir and his close friends.
John Nolan
Carolyn Courage


An action-packed, emotional story about a movie director who has a weekend affair with his son's babysitter...an affair that leads to greater appreciation and love for his wife and family-life.
George E. Carey
Susan Romen
James Almanzar
Luanne Roberts


Teeming with action, anger, despair, comedy and even some hope, this is a tough, riveting story about a man who returns from prison to his hometown and wreaks vengence on those who hurt him.
Marlo Monte
Tiffany Peters


Reflecting the humor and problems of the "love generation," this is the story of high-school graduates, who, eager to grow up and experience life, find themselves involved in adventures they'd rather                       live without.
Patricia Wymer
Steven Stewary

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