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Mystery, intrigue and death ride the high seas in this suspense-filled action/adventure about a desperate criminal and a strange cargo on a shattering voyage into the unknown.
Chris Warfield
Sally Fraser
Richard Foote
Peter Forster

DEATH MACHINES (Futuristic Drama/Suspense)

An unnerving tale of a type of assassin long known in the Orient, a "Death Machine." Deadly, quiet and invincible, these killers are hired and trained by a worldwide organization to murder on                                 command.
Ron Marchini
Michael Chong

DEATH RIDERS (Action Docu-Drama)

A true exhibition of the most dangerous and terrifying stunts as the Death Riders Motorcycle Thrill Show tours the country, illustrating a rare breed of daredevils and their adoring fans.
Danny "Mr. TNT" Reed
Jim "Crash" Moreau

DEATHROW GAMESHOW (Satirical Comedy)

The pretentious host of a gameshow - in which the contestants are actual deathrow inmates - finds his life in danger when a mafia hit-man seeks revenge for the gameshow death of his "family"                                     member.
John McCafferty
Robin Blythe
Mark Lasky


An ordinary man becomes bewitched by the beautiful high priestess of a voodoo cult; but when the cult kidnaps his fiance and prepares to offer her as human sacrifice, he engages in a battle with                       the all-powerful supernatural forces in a horrifying life-or-death                             struggle.
Linda Christian
Robert Alda

DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE (Psychological Thriller)

A terrifying story about a radio talk-show psychologist whose patients become stalked and brutally murdered by a regular, deeply troubled caller.
James Westmoreland
Flo Gerrish
Ben Frank

DOUBLE EXPOSURE (Psychological Thriller)

A successful photographer is beset by recurring dreams in which he sees himself murdering beautiful women - some who have even posed for him - only to awake and discover the dreams have                               become realities.
Michael Callan
Joanna Pettet
James Stacy
Cleavon Little

FLESHBURN (Action-Suspense/Drama)

An American Indian Vietnam veteran breaks out of a mental institution and, using his tribal witchcraft, seeks revenge against the four psychiatrists who locked him up for insanity rather than                                 sending him to prison on murder charges.
Steve Kanaly
Sonny Landham
Karen Carlson


Upon her father's death, a young woman heads for New Orleans to find her future...and discovers her past in famed Storyville at the turn of the century
Bruce Davidson
Virginia Mayo

GALAXINA (Science Fiction)

A sexy, intergalactic robot helms a spaceship crew in search of a mystical gem known as the "Blue Star."
Dorothy Stratten
Stephen Macht
Avery Schriber
James David Hinton

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