A coming-of-age story about a bookish young woman who changes during her summer vacation from a bespectacled bookworm to a femme fatale.
Debra Blee
Val Kline
Jeana Tomasina
James Doughton
Adam Roarke

CAVEGIRL (Comedy/Adventure)

In search of the "perfect" woman, a bumbling anthropology student accidently travels back in time, 25,000 years, and meets his dream woman....a beautiful cavegirl. But she quickly makes it clear he                             must use all of his modern-day wiles if he is to win her love.
Daniel Roebuck
Cynthia Thompson

DEATHROW GAMESHOW (Satirical Comedy)

The pretentious host of a gameshow - in which the contestants are actual deathrow inmates - finds his life in danger when a mafia hit-man seeks revenge for the gameshow death of his "family"                                     member.
John McCafferty
Robin Blythe
Mark Lasky


A fresh look at a man's dreams of life, liberty and the pursuit of ....SEX! An unhappy husband murders his miserable wife but finds even death doesn't rid him of her; now she's haunting him and                               making his life on earth a living hell!
Gregg Bullock
Lisa Comshaw


A "devilish" tale about an ordinary guy who is visited by a beautiful apparition promising him popularity and drop-dead good looks in exchange for his soul. Transformed overnight into a "hunk," he                              soon discovers there may be hell to pay for his new lifestyle!
John Allen Nelson
Deborah Shelton
James Coco
Robert Morse
Avery Schreiber


A hilarious tale of an already off-beat couple whose lives become even more confused by a rampaging computer.
Alan Arkin
Mariette Hartley

JOCKS (Comedy/Adventure)

When an odd-ball tennis team of a Los Angeles college sets out on a road trip to a regional college tennis tournament in fun-filled Las Vegas, all the stops are out and literally "anything goes" both on                           and off the court.
Scott Strader
Perry Lang
Mariska Hargitay
Richard Roundtree
Christopher Lee


Gambling, Heists, Love and Intrigue - all part of this suspense-filled comedy about a female gang that plans a daring caper in the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas.
Stella Stevens
Stuart Whitman
Tony Bill
Jesse White
Andrew Stevens


A perky, young woman is recruited to join an all-male, all-snobby limousine service. Although given the most difficult assignments, she prospers and ultimately wins not only the respect and admiration of                       the other drivers, but also the love of her toughest assignment....her                       boss' son!
Deborah Foreman
Howard Hesseman
Sam Jones
E.G. Marshall
Penn and Teller


A lonely housewife is left vulnerable to the amorous advances of a mysterious pet shop owner. His wolfish interests result in a series of hairy mis-adventures.
Susan Blakely
John Saxon
John Schuck
Ruth Buzzi
Marcia Wallace
Marilyn McCoo

MY TUTOR (Romantic Comedy)

When a high-school senior flunks his French final, his parents hire "the best French tutor in town" to help him pass a make-up exam. But after a short time with his warm, beautiful tutor, he's got more                         on his mind than collegiate affairs!
Caren Kaye
Matt Lattanzi
Kevin McCarthy
Crispin Glover
Shelly Taylor Morgan


In this zany spoof on motorcycle films, a group of dare-devils on wheels wreak havoc around Los Angeles.
John Alderman
Tom Basham


A fast-paced story about a group of high-school seniors who indulge in some final wild flings before having to settle down into a more adult lifestyle.
Robert Carradine
Jennifer Ashley

SEXTETTE (Musical/Comedy)

Based on Mae West's Broadway stage hit, this is the story of an American sex symbol, whose wedding night (to her 6th husband) becomes a comedy of errors with the intrusion of the bride's                                 former spouses.
Mae West
Timothy Dalton
Ringo Starr
George Hamilton
Dom DeLuise
Tony Curtis

SUPERCHICK (Action/Comedy)

Blonde...Buxom...Bold...that's what demure, brunette airline stewardess Tara becomes every time she gets off the plane, meeting a different lover in each lay-over!
Joyce Jillson
Tony Young
John Carradine

TOMBOY (Romantic Comedy)

A budding female race-car driver finally meets her racing idol and unbelievably they fall in love...a love that's quickly put to the test when, having received the chance to show her racing talents, the                           two find themselves in a race for a multi-million dollar sponsorship                       contract.
Betsy Russell
Jerry Dinome
Richard Erdman
Kristi Somers


A shy and insecure student makes a bet with St. Francis High's "tough guy" that he can deflower the school's most sought after girl and ends up falling madly in love with her in the process.
Joseph R. Straface
Stacy Christensen


A fun-filled tale following the antics of four sailors on a 72-hour liberty pass in Los Angeles, all seeking fun, love and success...each getting a lesson the Navy could never have taught!.
Chip McAllister
D.W. Brown
Patric Houser
Peter Ellenstein

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