BURNOUT (Action)

A troubled teenager, whose sole desire is to become a great drag racer, almost ruins his own dreams when he spurns his dad's racing advice. But support from his girlfriend enables him to prove his                             abilities to the racing world, his father and himself.
Mark Schneider
Robert Louden


Complete with thrilling underwater exploits, fun music interludes and gorgeous bikini-clad girls, this is a suspense-filled story about an international gang of art treasure thieves, who safely use the                             ocean's bed as a hideaway, until some vacationing youthful scuba-                        divers challenge their operation.
Tommy Kirk
Del Moore
Peter Duryea
Little Richard

CAVEGIRL (Comedy/Adventure)

In search of the "perfect" woman, a bumbling anthropology student accidently travels back in time, 25,000 years, and meets his dream woman....a beautiful cavegirl. But she quickly makes it clear he                             must use all of his modern-day wiles if he is to win her love.
Daniel Roebuck
Cynthia Thompson

COACH (Action/Drama)

A young, blonde and beautiful woman is hired to coach a team of underachieving basketball players and against all odds, leads them to victory.
Cathy Lee Crosby
Michael Biehn
Keenan Wynn
Ted Dawson


Mystery, intrigue and death ride the high seas in this suspense-filled action/adventure about a desperate criminal and a strange cargo on a shattering voyage into the unknown.
Chris Warfield
Sally Fraser
Richard Foote
Peter Forster

DEATH RIDERS (Action Docu-Drama)

A true exhibition of the most dangerous and terrifying stunts as the Death Riders Motorcycle Thrill Show tours the country, illustrating a rare breed of daredevils and their adoring fans.
Danny "Mr. TNT" Reed
Jim "Crash" Moreau

FLESHBURN (Action-Suspense/Drama)

An American Indian Vietnam veteran breaks out of a mental institution and, using his tribal witchcraft, seeks revenge against the four psychiatrists who locked him up for insanity rather than                                 sending him to prison on murder charges.
Steve Kanaly
Sonny Landham
Karen Carlson

HELL ON WHEELS (Action/Drama)

High action, great music - a thrilling one-two punch in this dramatic story about two brothers who survive the perils of stock car racing, a kidnapping and an intense sibling rivalry to become loving                                   brothers and a racing success!
Marty Robbins
Gigi Perreau
John Ashley
Connie Smith


Viciousness, brutality, excitement, honesty and love are all a part of this fast-paced, action-packed film about female motorcycle gangs...the first of it's kind.
Ross Hagen
Dee Duffy

HUSTLER SQUAD (Action/Drama)

An unlikely group of freedom fighters - professional prostitutes - are recruited by the U.S. Army to perform a dangerous, quite unorthodox military mission.
John Ericson
Karen Ericson


A war patrol - in the middle of a special assignment - encounters a military ambulance known as the "Iron Angel". The two units join forces and, amidst flying bullets and a treacherous terrain,                                     battle the enemy and the elements together to accomplish their                             mission.
Jim Davis
Don Barry

JOCKS (Comedy/Adventure)

When an odd-ball tennis team of a Los Angeles college sets out on a road trip to a regional college tennis tournament in fun-filled Las Vegas, all the stops are out and literally "anything goes" both on                           and off the court.
Scott Strader
Perry Lang
Mariska Hargitay
Richard Roundtree
Christopher Lee


A taut, political story about corruption and deceipt in the nation's capital.
William Shatner
Hal Holbrook
Van Johnson
Ava Gardner

KILLPOINT (Action/Drama)

A high-paced crime story about a new breed of criminals, famous because they murder everyone at the scene of their crimes - with stolen automatic weapons!
Leo Fong
Richard Roundtree
Cameron Mitchell
Stack Pierce

LENA'S HOLIDAY (Romantic Adventure)

A pretty East German girl finally takes her dream vacation to Hollywood...a vacation that goes haywire the minute she steps off the plane!
Chris Lemmon
Nick Mancuso
Michael Sarrazin
Felicity Waterman
Susan Anton
Pat Morita


Based on a true story, this action-packed, hard-hitting depiction of the infamous Ashley gang - who terrorized the southeast in the 1920's - also illustrates a desperate love between two people                               destined for destruction.
Karen Black
Fabian Forte

LOW BLOW (Action/Thriller)

Set against the seamy underworld of San Francisco, this tense story is about a wealthy businessman who hires an ex-cop to rescue his daughter from the clutches of an evil cult figure.
Troy Donahue
Leo Fong
Cameron Mitchell
Stack Pierce

MALIBU BEACH (Action/Adventure)

School's out and the kids line the Malibu shore for a wild summer of fun.
Kim Lankford
James Daughton


A Ninja warrior and his two sidekicks battle a group of drug-trafficking terrorists who have kidnapped some innocent American tourists.
Sho Kosugiz
Brent Huff
Vijay Amritraj

NOON SUNDAY (Adventure/Drama)

The first feature film made on the island of Guam, this is an explosive, suspense-filled story about a couple of mercenaries assigned to assassinate two guerrilla leaders on the island.
Mark Lenard
John Russell
Linda Avery
Keye Luke


An ex-Navy S.E.A.L. overcomes his bitterness about the Vietnam war in order to save the U.S. from a group of terrorists who are smuggling nuclear weapons out of the country by way of an                                   elaborate underwater spy ring.
Leslie Nielsen
Gregg Henry
Simone Griffeth
Michael J. Pollard
Stack Pierce

POLICEWOMEN (Action/Drama)

A beautiful, tough policewoman gets a dangerous assignment to break up a mob of womEn criminals.
Sondra Currie
Tony Young

SCORPION (Adventure/Thriller)

Tulleners, a world-class karate expert, stars as top Defense Intellegence Agent "Scorpion," assigned to protect a government informant. Despite his efforts the informant is killed, along with one                       of Scorpion's friends, and an action-packed deadly game of                                 revenge ensues.
Tony Tulleers
Don Murray
Robert Logan
Katheryn Daley
John Anderson


A thrilling, suspenseful story about the exciting sport of Sidehacking and the gutsy, dangerous rides the racers of the three-wheel vehicles take to impress their women and themselves!
Ross Hagen
Diane McBain
Hoke Howell

SKYDIVERS, THE (Adventure)

With the daredevil sport of skydiving as the backdrop, this action-packed story is about a young couple whose livelihood, happiness and very existence is threatened by a sexy girl who wants the guy                         for herself!
Kevin Casey
Eric Tomlin
Marcia Knight
Tony Cardoza

STAKEOUT (Action/Suspense)

A dramatic, exciting story about an ex-convict who finds his attempts to live a good, honest life thwarted by suspicious, mean-hearted folks, whose betrayal of him leads him back to lies,                                   schemes and trouble...and ultimately, death.
Bing Russell
Bill Hale

STANLEY (Adventure)

Sizzling with suspense and action, this dramatic story is about an embittered Vietnam vetran who retreats from society into the Florida Everglades and becomes inseparable companions with a                           pet rattlesnake...a pet he teaches to kill on command!
Chris Robinson
Alex Rocco

SUPERCHICK (Action/Comedy)

Blonde...Buxom...Bold...that's what demure, brunette airline stewardess Tara becomes every time she gets off the plane, meeting a different lover in each lay-over!
Joyce Jillson
Tony Young
John Carradine

TERROR IN THE JUNGLE (Adventure/Thriller)

Trapped in the jungles of the Amazon, a young boy - the sole survivor of a plane crash - is captured by prehistoric Jivaro Indians and forced to endure horrifying ordeals, while the rescue team out                         to save him also experiences similar hardships.
Robert Burns
Fawn Silver
Jimmy Angle

TOP COP (Action/Adventure)

An unconventional, tough cop battles to avenge his partner's death by the city's unruly drug king.
Stephen P. Sides
Len Schlientz
Tiffany Dossey

VAN, THE (Action)

A nice young man gets more than he bargained for when he acquires his fantasy vehicle...a van.
Danny Devito
Deborah White
Harry Moses

VAN NUYS BLVD. (Action/Romance)

The greatest cruisin' in the land takes place on the street where it all began....
Bill Adler
Cynthia Wood


An action-packed, emotional story about a movie director who has a weekend affair with his son's affair that leads to greater appreciation and love for his wife and family-life.
George E. Carey
Susan Romen
James Almanzar
Luanne Roberts


A discouraged racecar driver goes undercover to help police nail a notorious motorcycle gang known as "Satan's Angels."
Steve Alaimo
Willie Pastrano
Bobbie Byers

WILD RIDERS (Action/Suspense)

Driven only by the urge to destroy, two desperate bikers bring some innocent and unsuspecting women into their circle of violence and despair.
Alex Rocco
Elizabeth Knowles
Sherry Bain


A thrilling and dangerous adventure about a beautiful half-breed, Yellow Hair, and her sidekick, The Pecos Kid, as they try to                               capture a fortune in ancient Mayan gold...and avoid their greedy,                         murderous enemies who will stop at nothing for the prize!
Laurene Landon
Ken Roberson

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